UFO Orbit

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Welcome to the UFO Orbit, one of the most exciting and thrilling rides for kids at Funscapes! This amazing ride features seats that are specifically designed to keep children safe and secure as they swing back and forth, feeling the wind rush past them and the adrenaline pumping through their veins. The UFO Orbit is perfect for kids who love to take risks and have a sense of adventure. The ride’s motion creates a sensation of weightlessness, making it feel like the riders are flying through the air. As the ride picks up speed, the excitement builds, and the smiles on the faces of the children grow wider and wider.

We understand how important it is to keep your children safe while they’re having fun. That’s why our experienced staff carefully monitor the ride to ensure that each child is properly secured before the ride begins. Parents can feel at ease knowing that their kids are in good hands and are having the time of their lives. The UFO Orbit is perfect for kids of all ages who meet the height requirements. Visit our facilities and let your kids experience the thrill of the UFO Orbit ride!